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Dein Tattoostudio in Mannheim

Die besten Tattoos in Mannheim haben ein zu Hause – Captain Cat Tattoo

Tattoo Galerie

Das bieten wir euch an...

Schulter Tattoo


Sauber, einzigartig, schmerzfrei. Profitiere von den erfahrenen 

Tätowierer in Mannheim.



Hält, hat Luft und wackelt nicht. Unsere Piercings sind gestochen und scharf – an Deinem Körper!

Permanent Make-Up

Zu jeder Tageszeit perfekt geschminkt!

Ein Hauch von Puder...


Artist Sketching


Was kostet ein Tattoo? Ist das Tätowieren schmerzhaft? Unsere Tätowierer in Mannheim beraten Dich kompetent und kostenfrei.

Was kostet ein Tattoo?

Erhalte Dein individuelles Top-Angebot in kürzester Zeit!

Sei jetzt auch dabei!

Das sagen unsere Kunden



Mein altes Tattoo wurde gerettet und ich trage es mit Stolz.
Nur noch Captain Cat!



Ich war von Anfang an begeistert. Seitdem fahre ich für jedes Tattoo zu Captain Cat!



Die Qualität der Tattoos, das Personal und der Service sind einfach super!

Die häufigsten Fragen zu Tattoos

  • How long does it take to get an appointment?
    That depends entirely on your project and your wishes.Be sure to check out our calculator.We will then contact you and tell you personally when you can expect an appointment in your tattoo studio in Mannheim.
  • Can I come by without an appointment?
    Due to the high demand, we are usually fully booked.You can still call us at any time in our tattoo studio in Mannheim and inquire whether an appointment with a tattoo artist in Mannheim has become available. You can reach us at (+49) (0) 175 283 79 02 If you have any questions or you already know for sure that you want an appointment, you can call or contact us at any time.
  • How long takes a session?
    There is no general answer to this question.Feel free to call us, write us on Instagram or fill out our contact form to get more information on this question.
  • Where does a tattoo hurt the least?
    This varies from person to person.Most of our customers don't have a problem with pain. In places where your skin is very thin, you may experience minimal discomfort for a short time. Don't worry! With us, nobody has to suffer to be beautiful.
  • How long does a tattoo heal?
    This is very individual. You can find all information about this question in this post:
  • Can I do sports after the tattoo appointment?
    We have written a detailed article for you.You can find it here:
  • How do I care for my tattoo?
    We will answer this question in detail in this article:

Sichere Dir jetzt Deinen Termin!

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